A Great Pool Table Setup for under $2000

A Great Pool Table Setup for under $2000

When you have a pool table, you have an instant party. With your own table you can practice until you dominate your friends when you go out, which is always a good time too. Pool is one of those things where you want quality. A bad table can just ruin the game. If you want a smooth game a single slate table is the way to go because it gives the ultimate in flat seamless play. We also chose 8′ tables because they aren’t cramped like a 7′ and not as wieldly and costly as a 9′. You also probably want someone to install it because hey, who wants to lift these things, so we found some free installation on a table too. We found a highly rated set of tables built with quality parts, and lifetime waranties. You can go way cheaper and find something at Walmart if that is your cup of tea, they have some under a thousand bucks that are livable, but not great. Here are our quality, bang-for-the-buck selections…

The San Antonio by Leisure Select

This dark amber finish, maple hardwood table comes with natural gum rubber, a thick 1″ single slate, balls, sticks, acessories, and lifetime slate – 5 yr. frame warranty. It comes in your choice of wool-nylon-teflon felt in 20 different colors too. You also get free delivery and free professional installation. It has clean lines with a classic look that will fit in with a lot of decors, and has fantastic reviews. This one’s a real winner at about $1900.

Black Wolf by Brunswick

It’s hard for stores to keep this one in stock.  It’s sleek and modern with a jet black finish and metal accents, and if you like retro-modern design then this is probably for you. If you want to shell out a bit more, you can really go retro and lose the pockets, with the “ball return” style like  we had in the old bowling alleys and pizza joints. Most of all though, you get the quality of Brunswick, who has a lot of experience in making tournament play tables for decades. You don’t get sticks, balls and accessories gratis on this one, and you will have to work out shipping and install. We almost didn’t post this because it so close on price, but it is an amazing table all around for the price and we though you should know. You will have to find a place that has it in stock for a good price as it’s in high demand. The place we would recommend is sold out for months down the road, but this place has the base Black Wolf at a fair price, $1999.

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Total Cost For “The Party is at Your House”: $1900-1999