120″ HD Home Theater under $1000

120″ HD Home Theater under $1000

Go big for less money.

The best way to go for the big HD home theater experience on a budget is a rear projection system. The the high lumens (bulb brightness) of these projectors allow you to watch TV, movies or games even with ambient light. Having personal experience with this system for a good amount of time, it is absolutely stunning for the price. These highly rated components retail together to total about $970. If you require a ceiling mount (optional) for your room, then it’s about $30 more. The reaction? People guessed that we spent at between $3000-$5000 on the setup when we showed them The Avengers in Blu-Ray, it’s that good.


The Projector

The Optoma HD26 1080p 3200 Lumen Full 3D DLP HDMI Home Theater Projector offers an extremely clear picture with high color accuracy and will absolutely impress anyone wanting an over-the-top home theater experience. It supports HDMI v1.4 which means you can use it to play your Blu-ray 3D player, PC, Apple, Xbox One, PS4 and more. While we’re still not sold on the gimmick that is 3D, if you’re still into it you will want to utilize the 3D compatibility where you can run it up to 144Hz refresh rate for 3D playback (glasses sold seperately). In the past rear projectors used to be bulb burning power-hungry beasts, but modern DLP projectors have come a long way in recent years and this unit has a bulb life of 6500/3500 Hours (ECO+/normal) and relatively sips power at low wattages. Designed for maximum performance and reliability, it runs whisper quiet and can project up to a 300″ image if your room is large enough, or for outside projection parties. You can currently pick it up for about $700.


  • Excellent image quality and color fidelity
  • Native 1080p resolution
  • Full 3D compatibility


Here is an official video showing some of the features

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The Screen

The Silver Ticket HDTV 16:9 120″ Fixed Frame Projector Screen features a native 16:9 format and a huge 120″ (10 feet!) diagonal viewing surface perfect for HD content. It has a quick assembly system, and the frame is make out of aluminum, with a black velvet cover to eliminate reflection. The screen material is the real deal, multi layered process reflective vinyl that boast an extremely wide viewing angle so everyone in the room gets a great picture. If you have a smaller room, or prefer a smaller screen for whatever reason you can always go with their 100″ or 92″ screen although they’re not as highly rated. Pick it up for about $250.


  • Heavy duty beveled aluminum frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet material
  • The screen surface provides a 1.1 gain and an extremely wide viewing angle
  • Quick and easy assembly in minutes with a special tensioning system
  • Top and bottom mounting brackets that allow in-place adjustments



Ceiling Mount

Depending on your setup you may want to get a ceiling mount like the QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount for your projector to have it up and out of the way. This is optional since some like to put their projector into a rear book shelf or entertainment center, or keep it on a coffee table with a cubby or table top. With taller than average ceiling heights you may want one with an extension, which might be around $10 more. You can add a well made low-cost mount and still stay under or at $1000 total for your system. About $32.


  • Cold-Rolled steel material; Durable construction
  • Universal design fits most projector brands
  • Low profile flush mount at 5.31″ from the ceiling
  • Multiple adjustments, swivel and pitch.
  • Snap-on and snap-off design for quick installation and release


Total Cost for Your Own Supersized HD Home Theater: $982