Lose the Car – The Best Electric Bikes under $2000

Lose the Car – The Best Electric Bikes under $2000

Save on the commute and have a blast

If you live in a city or small town, having an electric bike is not only fun, but it makes sense for getting around without big expense or showing up to your destination covered in sweat. Think quiet low-cost motorcycle that gets 400 mpg. USA Today said last year that the average cost of operating a vehicle was $9,122 per year, but if you sport an electric bike for under $2000 your transportation expenses can be basically paid off in less than 3 months. Plus on e-bikes you can cruise around at 15-20 miles per hour so you can get around pretty quick, maybe even quicker than people driving with heavy traffic. To top it all off, it is most definitely more environmentally friendly.

Here is what your commute could look like

Let’s ride!

We chose the best electric bikes under $2000 that had the best reviews for quality. You can get cheaper electric bikes, but there is a line where quality really is not where we would like it to be, and our price ranges are where it’s at for something that you will enjoy for a long time. We targeted great features and a solid build within a reasonable price range for different styles of riding, but we could not get a hold of any specialized “road bikes” that fit our criteria for quality in our range, as they went over the $2000 limit. But if you must have know, with a little more budget we would have chosen this one.

Dual Purpose Hybrid Electric Bike for Women

The Currie Technologies eZip Women’s Low Step-Thru Trailz Electric Bicycle has some great real world reviews and is made for street use and some light off-roading. It has a 450 watt motor with speeds up to 15 miles per hour on a high quality 7-speed Shimano drivetrain with up to 22 miles of range on a single charge. It also sports a comfort support saddle, ride smoothing front suspension, and pedal assist if you want to get some extra exercise on your ride. This bike runs about $1290.

Beach Cruiser Electric for Everyone

  Roll over image to zoom in        IZIP E3 Zuma - Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

The IZIP E3 Zuma – Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle is a retro styled classic cruiser with 500 Watt Currie Electro-Drive® hub motor with a range up to 30 miles at speeds of 20mph. It includes an exclusive Twist and Go pedal assist feature for excersise or extended range and comes in 5 colors. With the range and speed on this bike it has become a great car replacement for many commuters. It starts at about $1650.

Electric Mountain Biking


For hitting the trails the best bang-for-the buck quality goes to the Alation ST 500. It features a 500W brushless motor powered by Samsung batteries on a Shimano 7-speed system all pushing an aluminum alloy frame. It has a twist throttle with top speed of 20mph / 32kph with a range up to 45 miles. It’s a mountain bike, so you can pretty much ride it anywhere. This one comes in 3 colors and runs $1,999

Total for rolling e-bike style $1290-$1999